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À propos de CPUDebate ✧ Comparaison des spécifications et des performances des cartes graphiques et des processeurs

Welcome to CPUdebate. We are a service to compare specifications and CPUs and GPUs performance. Nowadays, it is quite hard to edit and systemize information so that we have started work on CPUdebate to deal with problems of most users who did not know “which CPU I need” and “which GPU is more powerful”.

Simply put, we have focused all our efforts on the simple design which unites a massive database about all the current popular GPUs and CPUs. All the models are available to compare in order to define the best option by examining their specifications.

The CPUdebate will help you:

  1. to find the best CPU by specifications (e.g., clock speed or performance evaluation).
  2. to analyse the CPUs results compared on the one page.
  3. to see the GPUs compared with each other by depicting the models’ advantages and disadvantages
  4. to quickly and easily define the best CPU or GPU, compared visually and with comfortable interface.

We are a team of geek who are keen on modern technologies so that we have tried to create the project which will be useful both a newbie and a professional to do everyday tasks in the GPUs and CPUs selection.

Also, we love communicating, so we have added the opportunity to leave comments. Now, it is more comfortable to share opinions on CPUs and GPUs and discuss the results of comparison.

We are trying to make the project better and better every day, so we would appreciate your feedback and suggestions for the website. Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us through Contacts mentioned below.

Nous contacter

Email: boss@cpudebate.com